Engagement Story

I got a call in October 2023 asking if I was available to fly out to Santorini in 2 weeks. A little background, my passport had JUST expired a 10 days prior to the call (although that was not going to stop me!) so just a little ruffle but ended the call with, I am going to make this happen. When I want something, I make it happen. I made it happen. This whole trip was a surprise as it was a proposal, it was my brother. My brother called me to see if he could fly me out to Santorini to capture him propose to his girlfriend. He's crazy but thank god because I wouldn't have gotten to go on an impromptu trip to Greece!

There was almost a ripple in the plan when I was on my last leg of the flight (four total flights!) and they got delayed and were going to be put on my flight. We were messaging back and forth and I will never forget my brothers text, 'Be a ghost'. If you know me, there was NO WAY I could have been a ghost or hide or be incognito! I was in a long wool coat, my Ugg boots looking AMERICAN as heck, 6ft tall SO I went and bought a face mask to wear, sweating profusely. This was Greece in October, it was still hot in the airport. Fast forward they got stuck in customs and was not on my flight, phew so that was my cue to strip down all my layers! 

I arrived on the island before they arrived and we were prepared if not that my driver would have a sign holding a 'fake name', I went with Chloe Silveraldo (if you watch mindy project you'll get it). So I was able to get settled at my airbnb and we decided to do the proposal in the AM at sunrise. I was able to see their Airbnb from my patio so we discussed via text about how the morning would ideally go. They got in right as the sun was setting and my brother being in his feels was like, 'I think I am going to do it now, I want to do it now it is so beautiful'. Mind you it's dark at this point so I had to talk him off the ledge.

He knew he wanted it to be private, not out in public and luckily his balcony faced the sunrise so after 18 hours of travel, I woke up at sunrise to sneak down to their Airbnb, he snuck me in, I walked up into this loft that I could see right to the patio. Basically was a sniper with my camera up in this loft shooting down at them. Michelle wakes up, looking beautiful as ever in her jammies and my brother is embracing her on the patio watching the sunset. She wants to sit, he pulls her back and says no because they wouldn't be in the frame. You had to be there! It was a trip to remember, she was shocked, she said yes and a whole lot of, you're kidding. Added twist, my brother didn't even have the ring. BALLSY, I KNOW. He carried a ring box though with his promise! I go the green light to come out and surprise her that I was there, she cried, we were excited it all worked out, all is well, she said yes AND THEY ARE GETTING MARRIED IN MAY! She has her dream ring now.

They managed to plan a 200+ people wedding in 7 months, god bless! So cheers to love and and an Austin TX wedding next weekend (mothers day weekend)! Yeehaw.

Enjoy photos from the trip!