Your self-expression

is my self-obsession

Well hello!

Thank you for being here and exploring my wee corner of the internet. I see myself as a multi-passionate person that often pursues and throws herself into new fun things but that could be my ADHD talking. I am a gal who has moved around her entire life appreciating travel, photography, style, meeting new people and experiencing other cultures. My taste is all over the place and I can find the beauty in so many different things.

Modeling in my early 20s led me to my passion of portrait photography. I know what it did for my confidence, creativity and dopamine levels. I want to passionately provide the same thing to my clients. I am here to show you the ropes, make it feel easy, fun and have you leaving feeling amazing and receiving photos you are going to obsess over! I love learning about my clients, what they want to feel and look like and collaborate fashion looks, makeup, hair, lighting and backdrop ideas. Everything under the sun to create a high value session fully custom for you.

I love what I do and it shows through my work by providing my unique perspective and pushing you outside your comfort zone to get to the good stuff.

Jules jives with stylish individuals who seek quality, beauty, creativity, and a fun, light-hearted attitude. If you can appreciate what makes you YOU, the quirks and unique qualities/attributes, let's be friends and let me show you how beautiful those things can be.

"The noblest art is that of making others happy."

– P.T. Barnum

spill that tea honey

spill that tea honey

“Posing solo for photos can feel intimidating, not always knowing what to do. Jules made it super easy and fun. She was very direct, and would show by example and rephrase so you understand how to pose...and it never felt unnatural!”