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Old Mission Engagement Session // Emma + Brent

Ohh young love, these two just take me back to the Notebook era. Emma reached out about her and Brents wedding in 2024 and I was able to chat with them on the phone prior to moving forward and I remember them telling me how old they were and yes, my first reaction was to ask, 'Why are you choosing to get married so young?' Looking back, I think to myself, why does that matter but I genuinely was interested in hearing what they had to say. Either way, finding your person before you are legally able to drink sounds awesome and there is nothing like the feeling of young love, it is us against the world and going all in with zero hesitation. Like I mentioned, the notebook. These two give me the notebook vibe, from what I saw they are so calm and gentle with one another but also you could just feel the admiration and love for each other and were very comfortable with being affectionate which if you know me, I love that, love affection and love the way it comes off in camera.

Needless to say these two are so sweet, they took direction so well while also making it their own and I look forward to capturing some magic moments on their wedding day next summer!

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