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Savannah + Baby Sloane

Mom and daughter studio photos was a success. Sloane is clearly the freaking cutest but let's just say she loved the taste of her fingers the entire session. What Pinterest doesn't show you is the realities and difficulties of getting a baby to cooperate BUT in the end I had some balloons in the studio from a past session that Sloane got super mesmerized by and by the end baby was hungry and I think I can safely say the breastfeeding photos were my favorite. IMO they're all so cute but there is something so special, intimate and beautiful about them and just crazy the reminders showing us women how bad ass we are with our minds, hearts and bodies. We create and feed life. We should not have to hide that away, we should embrace it with open arms and shit, take beautiful photos to display where we want to. Cherish your newborns mamas and treat yourself to a photoshoot to remember these precious moments forever.

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