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My dream photo travel destinations

I grew up moving my entire life and with my family living all over the US, travel is naturally something I do without giving it a second thought. I mentioned on my booking page that there is no travel fee is it is my dream destination but I also have locations where I have accommodations where I would also travel to work with new clients so feast your eyes on those destinations and if you are eloping, want a couples intimate session or portrait session reach out. Who knows when I will be in your city!

Places where I travel throughout year already:

  • Whitefish, Montana

  • Austin, TX

  • Hoboken, NJ

  • Cape Cod, MA

  • Surrounding Michigan areas

Dream Photoshoot locations

  • Utah

  • Arizona

  • Ireland

  • Alaska

  • Amalfi Coast

  • Africa

Even if places are not listed, always reach out as it might not be updated.

Happy travels yall!

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