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Sunrise Proposal Old Mission Lighthouse // Maddie + Brett

Tis the season for proposals here in Northern Michigan and I am about it without the stress. Proposals can sometimes feel chaotic but I think that comes with wanting everything to be so perfect but at the end of the day, you can only plan so many logistics before you start to say, whatever happens, happens but at least you know the photographer will be there and the moment will be captured.

As photographers we want to prepare and place you and plan with you prior to where you should be and the direction you pop the question that makes best light for the photos and where we can see your partners face but also see the ring box, make sure your pockets are empty from phones, keys and wallets, right? A lot of little things. But honestly after shooting quite a few proposals now I get you are already nervous, you have a ring box most likely you have been trying to hide for weeks and really the most important part is asking the love of your life to marry you, not thinking about the sun being behind you so its not harsh light, blah blah. Obviously we want it to look beautiful with what we know looks good from the photo aspect BUT what really matters is being in the moment and doing what feels right and knowing we are there to capture it as it happens.

I was texting with Brett the morning of letting him know where I was and he mentioned. he thinks she might know and he is going to pop the question asap lol I am like okay, well I am here just be in front of me and it will all work out. I go into saying all this because proposals don't need to be this gigantic, long thought out plan. I SAID IT and I stand by it. I use to want this grand gesture with everything being perfect and so picturesque and now that I document proposals the more I want it to be as authentic as possible to the person I am with and how they would want to propose to me and how they see themselves proposing, what makes sense to US. We are already getting the greatest gift of our partner wanting to commit to us forever, why do we need to make it more difficult than it already is TO SURPRISE US. Because lets be honest ladies, a lot of us type A personalities are hard to surprise and we love asking questions and wanting to know the plans ahead of time. You are shaking your head right now and saying, 'she's not wrong'.

I asked Maddie, did you know?! She said she knew he would propose at some point in the near future but wasn't sure when, which a lot of us do because ya know, we communicate with our partners about what we want ;) but it still doesn't mean it isn't a surprise when the moment happens or that the excitement isn't there. All the emotions are still real even though it is an unreal moment, IT'S HAPPENING BABY. It is the moment you don't get back SO LIVE IN IT, if you stress about planning the little details out just pick a location/time and let us help you and we will document from a distance. <3

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