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Michael + Hannah // Leland Proposal

This is the story of Michael and Hannah's surprise proposal. (I am sure I didn't mention every detail but that's okay) Michael reached out a month prior to his proposal and we were in contact up until November 5th which was the plan of the proposal. They were flying in from Chicago that morning for a couple of days and Michael and I were back and forth the week prior because the weather was all over the map. We had discussed the following day could be a backup plan if Mother Nature decided to do something crazy like maybe downpour and a wind advisory warning WHICH DID happen. Day of, I was adamant about trying to see if the rain would subside for them to make it to Vans beach and Michael could pop the question so I was waiting in the parking lot, the rain didn't really stop but it wasn't anything we couldn't handle. Hannah at this point was wondering why Michael was being weird (ha makes sense now). We made the executive decision to go with it, they brought white umbrellas which added a nice little touch. It all worked out considering right after I left the clouds departed the sun came out along with a beautiful rainbow. In my mind I was like, Oh of course that would happen after it was done! Michael was thinking the same thing so I turned right back around to take some photos of Michael and Hannah on the pier in Fishtown, pop a bottle of champagne and enjoy the moment. It ended up being such a pretty photo op and everything was perfectly imperfect. It always adds a little extra fun to your story so don't be discouraged if weather doesn't always work in your favor of what you imagined your proposal to be. It ends up being a special and unique moment for the couple like these two. You won't forget it! Congratulations to such sweet humans, Michael + Hannah!

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