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Meet the Bruces // Aurora Cellars Wedding

June 3, 2023

Brooke and Matthew got married on Saturday, June 3rd traveling all the way out from sunny San Diego, California where they live! From the get go of chatting with Brooke she was very kind and sweet over the phone and text. Since I knew I wouldn't be meeting them for an engagement session it made the wedding day more exciting as I hadn't met them in person YET.

I walk in on the day of and saw some familiar faces which, LOVE. The makeup and hair team I personally knew from other work and Brooke was sitting there looking beautiful as freaking ever with her Hollywood waves, California tan and pearly white smile. (Did I paint the picture yet? lol)

Anyway proceeded to say hi and go upstairs in the farmhouse at Aurora cellars to take some detail photos which Brooke graciously put all things together the day before so everything was in one place (highly recommend). As I was up there lunged over in the weirdest, back aching position a woman walks in and gives a super warm hello, I thought it was a bridesmaid for a brief moment, nope it was Brookes mom! From that moment I realized the genes obviously ran good looking and the personalities so friendly, warm and bubbly through this family.

Although the day and timeline felt a bit chaotic from things running behind, people not being where they needed to be and multiple times hiding Brooke in spots so people wouldn't see her it was an absolute beautiful day. Brooke left such an awesome review and I want to share it because it pretty much sums it all up,

"Jules is hands down the best photographer. She captured my wedding day perfectly, and handled the chaos with so much grace. She has the absolute best personality for this profession! She made me feel so comfortable behind the camera, and we all had so much fun with her! Our friends and family are still raving about how awesome she is. She captures raw moments in the most perfect way- she's a true artist at what she does. I am SO thankful that Jules was our photographer on our special day!!! I seriously cannot recommend her enough!"

Also, I am a HUGE fan of explanation points, so ultimately we get each other! lol The day was full of so much energy, love and just all around GOOD VIBES. Everyone was so happy, especially Brooke she was glowing all day ESPECIALLY the second she saw Matt.

Janelle, the makeup artist was frantically trying to put Brookes veil on and Brooke quickly realized she didn't want it and it took some time to take it back out but from what I gathered all Brooke wanted was to run down that aisle!

The moment she was able to see Matt, hold his hands there was just a calmness yet giddiness that came over her and I don't think it was something that I only noticed. When she is with him it truly feels like there is no other place she wanted to be and she felt at home. The way they look at each other, you knew they each found their person. You can't always explain it but it is an untold, unspoken feeling and it can be felt all around them.

Okay, enough of my sappiness I want to share a gallery from their day and hopefully you can feel all those feelings I explain in the moments captured. I directed very little and they took it and rolled with it with so much energy, fun and love.

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