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Mari Vineyard // Rachael + Adam

Rachael + Adam had a late spring engagement session and I have the honor of photographing their wedding in September at Chateau Chantal. Their moms, who accompanied us on their session knew it was a smart play to get a glass of bubbly in these two prior to their engagement session to help loosen them up and I think every bit counted. I think Adam gets silly with a glass of wine, which what do we not love more than when the boyfriend/groom is goofy and can go with the flow for photos? Love. Being able to capture the silliness along with romantic and moments that naturally evolve are key.

Your engagement session you don't need to be taking yourselves too seriously, it should be fun, relaxed and a good time. It gives you both the time to really hang out with your wedding photographer and hopefully feel super comfortable with them by the time your wedding comes around. (+ get some awesome pictures to print!)

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