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This branding session was such a fun afternoon, warm weather, beautiful smiles and good vibes. Remember that warm front we had in early April that went and past so quickly? Yeah me too.

Mandy reached out to me in February about getting some photos done for her business website. She is a therapist and has had her own practice for years and is now ready to invest her time on rebranding and a new website to reach her goals. We chatted about how her clients would describe her and how she would describe herself, wardrobe, accessories, went through her website to get the feel of colors and energy and we put together a mood board which is always helpful to visualize the big picture and VERY helpful for wardrobe so when it came time we were ready to create. Branding is about how you want your clients to feel when they come across your website and see your images and overall energy your website gives off. Although some unfortunate things happened from when she reached out to me up until our branding session she brought such positivity, light and I am so happy to have met her and that she wanted to work together on her website images.. for 3 hours! :) Yes time flies when you are having fun!

It was truly a gals day, with professional makeup by my girl Janelle who enhanced Mandys already natural beauty. I am just so happy with how the photos turned out and here's a sneak peak into the session. Be sure to check out her practice when her website launches called Seasons of Life here in Traverse City, MI.

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