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Love in the City // Hoboken

April was an amazing birthday month filled with travels and visiting friends who are like family. Fun aside, professionally it ended up being a pretty busy month for photography. I love when that happens.

I was able to spend a weekend in Hoboken last month and meet my friends new bae. You know when people say, 'I am sooo awkward in photos' like every client you have.. well this is truly the truth when it comes to Sumedha (super giggly when she is nervous but IT WORKED) and luckily she is already naturally photogenic so it doesn't matter! This was their first photoshoot together so warming up took a moment but in the end I think we crushed it. YOU WOULD NEVER KNOW looking at their photos they were just kinda winging it. I love the unexpected. impromptu photoshoots that I end up loving to share!

Okay happy viewing, bye!

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