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Branding Session - Lets get down to business

Before I left Massachusetts I was starting to work often in Boston and loved taking images in some of the buildings downtown. I remember this day meeting Matt because it was winter meaning, yes brutally windy and frigid. He took me to a few buildings where he thought would work and they did not disappoint! Moving and starting from scratch again isn't always easy but I have found living in Traverse City it is a tight nit circle here and I am loving the smaller town city vibes. I have now been here in TC for over a year and there are some cool spots, like coffee shops, hotel lobby's and even spaces in the warehouse district to take creative and unique indoor branding photos so if you are in need, reach out. I would love to chat and hear your ideas of how you might want to market yourself online. The internet is only growing and with so much being released it is always nice to have a face with a brand and name. Personally, I feel like people want to get to know YOU and relate to you in some capacity before purchasing your product or wanting to do business with you.

Not wishing summer away but soon we will be switching from outdoor to indoor in a few months so it wouldn't hurt to start thinking about what you want to do for your business in the slower months to really hit the ground running into 2023! I would love to help you create those curated images you've been imagining or maybe you have no idea but we all have to start somewhere to get somewhere.

Happy Monday!

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