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I felt very special having a fellow photographer reaching out wanting to do a branding session with me in my home studio. When Josh reached out about it he was hoping to get something different than his typical super smiley energetic vibe that is easy to capture because, hello that is HIM, but there is something awesome about having someone push you outside your comfort zone to create images you wouldn't normally get on your own. So needless to say, I WAS EXCITED to unveil his supermodel ways. We captured Josh in his natural habitat, yoga poses but also played with light and moodier backdrops to add some edge to the bright portraits we got in the beginning of the session.

Branding is all about what YOU WANT to be portrayed as to the outside world viewing your images. You can be whoever you want and with that planning is important. Discussing wardrobe and backdrops, the feel of what you are going for in studio all play a heavy hand in creating awesome branding images you feel proud of and getting the reaction of, 'I can't believe that's you', in the best way.

Any way, here's some images we captured.

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