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Grandpa Brown and Gram

I moved to Northern Michigan last winter in 2021 to be closer to my mama and in that I was able to live closer to my Grandpa (moms dad) and Gram. My Grandpa Brown is a Korean War Veteran, Purple Heart recipient and worked as a Firefighter in lower state Michigan all throughout my moms life. He was always the toughest man from what I remember growing up, gave the hardest hand shakes, hugs you swore would break your back, he was such a stern man and quite frankly I was afraid of him but at the same time had the biggest heart. He provided and he was the hardest worker. He has grown older into the most gentle soul. My grandfather remarried in his 40s to my Grandma Shirley (pictured) there was quite an age difference but the love remained. My grandma Shirley has stood by him through his most stubborn moments causing him to fall many times, overnight hospital trips, this man just cannot sit still even at his age. They are still living in the home my grandpa built by hand. He now is 90 years old and the admiration and love my grandmother has for him is beautiful. They have been married now 42 years and it has been a blessing to be able to visit with them more now living back in Michigan, It was about damn time we had them over to my Moms and surprise them with an impromptu photoshoot. :)

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