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Family Session at Bay Harbor Beach - Melanie and Miles

July started out slow for portrait sessions and ended with a bang for sure. Family sessions, proposals, senior portraits filled my last week of July that made up for the slow start! Melanie reached out two days prior to her session thinking no one would be available to take portraits of her and her son while visiting town but little did she know I was in the midst of shooting multiple proposals the same weekend but had availability Sunday morning and was more than happy to do so. Since this was a last minute idea and we don't think about packing cute family photo outfits so off to Target Melanie went! We met at Bay Harbor beach in Northern Michigan at sunrise for her birthday weekend/mom son photos. Little did we know morning of we get there, Melanie is changing Miles into the cutest little overall outfit and let's just say, he was NOT having it. By the looks of the photos, I think we crushed it because he looks like he is having a fabulous time! Parents I know it can be disheartening and stressful when your children maybe aren't wanting to cooperate or throw tantrums before a session you paid for but the best thing is to turn it into play time then eventually throughout the session we can accomplish some smiley portraits with everyone. I am glad everything worked out and the photos turned out playful and fun which is always a positive in my book.

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