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Cam and Ian // Sunrise Proposal in Glen Haven

Ian reached out quite far in advance (props to you sir) to start planning his proposal to Cam, He knew he wanted it to be simple, they would be coming up to camp for 1 night. The beach means something to them, Cam loves twinkly lights and sunflowers so I was able to help out on my end putting something simple together for the both of them. Add a bottle of champagne and you have yourself a simple, romantic and fun sunrise proposal. Cam knew at some point it was coming but Ian being so clever had multiple trips planned so she didn't know exactly when. Little did she know she was going to have to wake up at 7am in 40 degree weather to get to the beach by sunrise FOR A VERY GOOD REASON. Luckily this is something the couple does often so it didn't seem different from their regular life, which is good. It probably was a reason why she had no idea. After meeting them this engagement made all the since in the world for what is unique to them. These two are the cutest and sweetest humans and I wish them so much happiness as they plan their wedding! Wooh Congrats you two.

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