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Caitlin + Nathan // Petoskey in August

As Taylor swift says, 'August slipped away into a moment in time' and those words have never rung so true than this year. Where did August even go?

Caitlin booked with me for her 2024 wedding in 2022! YEAH I KNOW, she was on top of it and yes I booked a 2024 date in 2022. lol silly me BUT I am glad we did because this engagement session may have not happened and I am thankful it did. We scheduled the date months prior so of course the morning of session it was storming and we were debating on postponing but instead just kept rescheduling the time and by noon, the skies cleared. We pushed it off to the afternoon which in photographer terms is a no no, right? Harsh light, the sun is high in the sky, not great light BUT if you search you will find the good light and/or use it to your advantage and that is what we did.

They had a beautiful engagement session and really leaned into the wind on the water. Fun fact, Nathan proposed to Caitlin at Petoskey harbor (undocumented) so they decided to have their engagement session there as well. Sweetness.

Enjoy their gallery and hope it brings the summer feeling of August and the sunny beautiful days we have ahead before winter creeps in.

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